Having been in the beer business for over 20 years, I am constantly asked, "What is your favorite beer?" My answer is always different yet always the same. (Ponder that koan, grasshopper.)
The answer is always, "It depends. It depends on who I was with and what I was doing when I ejoyed a particular beer. Beer is about more than the flavor; it's about the experience."
Music and beer are alike in this. Certain songs, just like certain beers, can trigger a flood of emotions because they bring back memories of a time and a place. And a person. And that is why music is such a big part of who we are at UpCountry Brewing. So big in fact, it is part of our mission statement. "To create awesome experiences while sharing our passion for craft beer, local music and for getting outside."
Just look at our July Calendar of Events to see how much we love music. Every single week we host the NC Songwriter Series on Sundays, Bluegrass Jam every Monday, Open Mic on Tuesdays and Music Bingo each Wednesday. Again that is Every. Single. Week.
On top of those weekly events we also feature a rotating lineup of incredible live acts every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Heck in just the first half of July we have already hosted Kaizen (w/Jeff Sipe, Mike Barnes, Mark McDaniel), Phuncle Sam, and The Dirty Dead along with Robin Lewis, David Zoll and Cyndi Lou and the Want To!
Cyndi Lou at UpCountry!
Speaking of Cyndi Lou, this passion for music carries through to our staff. Cyndi Lou is actually Cynthia Galli, our Taproom FOH Manager. Other staff with a musical bent include our Head Brewer Bryan Bobo who will be showing his chops on July 19th. Open Mic is run each week by talented bartender Justin Higdon while Music Bingo is hosted by bartender Chris Kammerer, better known around town as Old Sap. In fact we found Chris when he first rolled into town and played at our Open Mic. And we can not forget the amazing bartender and musician Jacob Baumann. Jacob has been with us since before the beginning (another riddle, grasshopper) and plays in several bands around Asheville, including Sanctum Sully, The Josh Phillips Big Band, murmuration, Devils in Dust and The Jerry Pranksters. Jacob, you da man!
Best of all, every single event at UpCountry is always free. EVERY. SINGLE. EVENT. Seriously, its freeeee!!! Adam Sandler would be ecstatic!
So why the commitment to free music? We believe that music should be accessible to everyone and not locked up behind silly cover charges. We spend several thousands of $$$ every single month on music. We do this to make sure that you have a quality brewery to hang out in where you can drink great beer, eat awesome food, and listen to some incredible local music. EVERYONE DESERVES MUSIC. SWEET MUSIC.
So trust us, when we say please come check us out at UpCountry Brewing, you really should. You will be impressed. Here is the music calendar one more time. Be sure to join us for Jerry Week, August 1 - 9. Here is a sneak peek. See you soon!


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