We are proud to announce UpCountry Brewing has partnered with The Döner Kebabs and Falafels to offer up their tasty food at our Asheville taproom. What's a Döner, you ask? At it's essence, a Döner is made with seasoned meat shaved from a vertical rotisserie, a style of cooking that dates back to the Ottomans. Similar to the Greek Gyro, Döner Kebabs are highly popular as a late-night snack or quick meal on the go throughout much of Europe. In fact, the Döner sandwich is more popular in Germany than hamburgers, pizzas, and amazingly - the bratwurst! The Wall Street Journal went so far as to say the Döner is to Berlin what the pizza is to New York. High praise indeed!
UpCountry Brewing
Mitchell Marecki and Rebecca Hanser are the young couple behind The Döner Kebabs and Falafels. They met while studying Hospitality Managment in Switzerland and spent time living in Berlin, Germany. This is where they fell in love with this filling sandwich, on a street corner, after an evening with friends and a few beers. After moving to Asheville the couple began looking for the opportunity to open their own restaurant and fortunately they decided to introduce WNC to the Döner sandwich. They opened in the Asheville Mall in late 2016, which was ironically the exact time UpCountry Brewing was launching in West Asheville. After multiple requests from their raving fans for a more convenient location to acquire their Döner fix, The Döner Kebabs and Falafels is now available in West Asheville at the UpCountry Brewing taproom. 
Featuring many vegan and gluten-free options, the menu has some additions to the regular fare from the first location. They will be offering some classic German bites, like that bratwurst mentioned earlier and a chicken schnitzel sandwich. Along with that, they will be taking advantage of our wood-fired pizza oven with flaky thin crust "Turkish style pizzas" called Pide (pronounced: Pea-Day).  Of course, the main feature is still the Döner Kebab. Made with beef & lamb, or chicken, the Döner sandwich is great for pairing with the myriad of beers offered by UpCountry Brewing.